Heat Pump Repair

If you are having problems with your heat pump and it’s stopped working; you can reach T.O.COOL MECHANICAL for prompt heat pump repair. We provide the services of heat pump repair Toronto, as well as in the areas of Vaughan and Oakville. Our team has years of experience and expertise and we can provide any type of heat pump repair Vaughan. Our team of heat pump repair Oakville can instantly identify the problem and can provide necessary solutions to it. In no time your home’s heating will be back to normal.

When there is a Breakdown

Heat pump failures and breakdowns usually occur because of its usage and wear and tear. When you notice that you are in need of heat pump repair, don’t ignore it as it can lead to more serious problems. If you notice any signs or problems in your heat pump, you should immediately contact the services of heat pump repair Toronto; that will save you from big future expenses. Upon call our team will inspect the heat pump and will provide appropriate solutions to it. If it’s beyond repair we will suggest our client accordingly as we suggest the solution in favor of our client.

Signs that your Heat Pump is in Need of Repair

It has Aged

If your heat pump is in use more than 10 years then it will have more repairs and it will not work as it used to be. If you have no plans to change your heat pump its better that you schedule a detailed repair and maintenance visit.


Your Heat Pump Shuts on and off

Frequent cycling when your heat pump shuts on and off is another problem face by many home owners. The cause of it can be a malfunctioned thermostat or even some dirt that might be clogging. With the help of our experts of heat pump repair.


Your Heating Pump is too Noisy

While operating if you can hear loud rattling and clanking noises then it’s an indicator of a big problem and you call a heat pump repair Vaughan professional.


Reduced Efficiency

If you notice that your heat pump might not be as efficient as it used to be then it’s the right time to schedule your repairs.




at T.O.COOL MECHANICAL this problem can be rectified in no time. Schedule maintenance and repair visit with us right now.


Sudden Spike in utility Bills

Sudden spike in your utility bills is also an indicator that you are in need of heat pump repair.


HVAC/R Services

t.o. Cool mechanical provides services to the following sectors:

  • Residential HVAC

  • Commercial HVAC

  • Industrial HVAC

  • Refrigeration

  • High Rise Condos

We Care About your Comfort

At T.O. COOL MECHANICAL we care about the comfort of our clients. When we are called for heat pump repair Toronto our team will arrive on time, to get started with their work. Our team of heat pump repair Vaughan follows all the safety procedures and takes all the precautionary measures while doing the repairs. In order to deliver quality and efficient results our team of heat pump repair Oakville is equipped with high tech and up to date equipment.

T.O. COOL MECHANICAL is your reliable heat pump repair service provider! We are just a call away.

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