Air Conditioning Controls

Air conditions are a necessity for most of us. It provides a comfortable temperature for our indoors. All air conditioners are provided with different control systems in order to provide desirable indoor temperature throughout the year. For the air conditioner to work effectively and efficiently it’s important that Air conditioning controls are in good shape. Ignoring necessary maintenance will eventually reduce the efficiency and the consumption of electricity will increase. With the technical expertise of T.O. COOL MECHANICAL your Air conditioning controls Toronto will be in good shape which will enhance the efficiency and comfort of your home.

Control Devices Thermostat

The control devices of air conditioning controls Vaughan maintains the temperature of our indoors as per our comfort requirements. With the help of the right settings the thermostat will switch off the compressor when it reaches the desired temperature, similarly when the indoor temperature starts to fluctuate the compressor will restart again. Thermostat controls the temperature. A malfunctioned thermostat can be one of the main reasons that your air conditioning unit might not be working at its optimal level. If you are facing this problem of air conditioning controls Barrie then contact our team. There are various different types of thermostats used in different air conditioning units. Our team at T.O. COOL MECHANICAL have years of experience in providing the services of air conditioning controls. Our team can work on any brand and type of thermostat.



Depending on the type of the air conditioner humidistat is another air conditioning controls which help to maintain the temperature of the indoors. A humidistat measures the humidity. For your air conditioning system to have the right controls it’s important to have them checked and maintained by the professionals of air conditioning controls Toronto. Having the controls of your air conditioner monitored will enable you to have the desired temperature and humidity levels.

HVAC/R Services

t.o. Cool mechanical provides services to the following sectors:

  • Residential HVAC

  • Commercial HVAC

  • Industrial HVAC

  • Refrigeration

  • High Rise Condos

We help you to solve the problems on time

Your air conditioners are just like an investment. It’s important to schedule seasonal professional visits to keep the air conditioning controls Vaughan in good condition and to enhance the overall performance of it. Having a professional to check your unit before the season will help to identify the issues and solve them on time. We have been providing repair and maintenance services of air conditioning controls Barrie since years. With the help and services of our team of air conditioning controls Barrie you can have the peace of mind and comfortable in door temperature for the coming summers.

Setting the Best Temperature for your AC

Most homeowners don’t understand the concept of setting the temperature of their AC. Tuning your air conditioner to a desired temperature will provide the right comfortable environment for your in-doors rather increasing or decreasing it several times during the day. If you are having difficulty in tuning your AC T.O. COOL MECHANICAL can provide the services and in no time the whole system will be tuned. Our team of Air conditioning controls Toronto are certified and trained. Whether you are having maintenance, repair or tuning problems with your ac, you can contact our team of Air conditioning controls Vaughan.

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